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 Some acrylic studies of Chelsea Christian. Shes an awesome model, go check her stuff out! Mordsithcara
I used other photographers photos as reference. These were just meant to be for fun and for practice in my sketchbook. Starting from top left going clockwise, credit goes to Pissed Off Pistol Photography, C est D Image, Pissed Off Pistol Photography again, and Leandro Gongora.

no title

im not sure what the point of this was. i guess i just wanted to see what a comic in this painterly style would look like.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Painting Process

 forgot to take a picture of the step before this one.... this portrait isnt done yet but i like the look of it as it is now. ill probably just tighten up the eyes and mouth and call it a day. oils on canvas, 16"x20"